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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Cross life

“There is no more room at the cross…”

One cannot rightly approach the cross if they don’t know why. In fact, those that do not know why will in fact approach; indiscriminately and will throng and gather to mock, throw insults and join in the jeering crowd. Those people do not know why the cross is there and the one upon the cross is dying. They shout, “save yourself,” or “come down from there and show us you are god.”

These eyes are shut tightly. Their hearts do not know GOD. They are altogether like their father, the devil. If they knew Him, they would do whatsoever He tells them, like little children.

The Truth is and, thus, the gospel, “Christ died for me, therefore i have been crucified with Christ.” Let’s break this statement down in pieces.

“Christ died…” This is the only context that passes the minds of those that hurl abuse at the cross. “He is dying,” they say, “let Him save himself.” O, what bitter envy and what calloused sinful hearts. O, what rebellious people who take the scene as a common marketplace event. “Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

“Christ died…for me…” Savior, at least, is the mark upon the minds who reckon this. Christ died for me? Is it a question, and will they take that question and wrestle with it and in the struggle find the answer? Or, will they lose heart and return to their deluded, self-promoting lives?

Or, have these two words become a statement that now brands their entire life. Savior, only. The words “Jesus,” are fresh upon their minds, and often. Outwardly, they have the mark of Christendom. They reckon fully that Christ has died for them and in turn live their entire lives for themselves.

“Christ died for me…therefore i…” Wrestling and darkness. I, the inevitable I, that yearns for attention and strives against the Spirit of Conviction. Yet, awakening has come and the glorious dawning of Christ upon the soul is near. Continue on, dear pilgrim, strive on. Do not grow weary in well doing…the Word, that has been planted in good soul, never returns void.

Suddenly the revelation of the gospel has penetrated their heart. There has been wrestling before God, there has been a yearning, and burning that like molten metal has run its course to a yielding heart.

“therefore i…have been crucified…” Now one identifies with the LORD upon the cross. Christ Jesus is no longer just Savior but LORD! The I has been crucified ‘with Christ’ and no longer lives…it is Christ that lives in me.

Therefore, there is no room at the cross. Do not join in the welcoming throng that hurls abuse and shouts for disgrace. Step forward, pass through the crowds and bear His reproach by joining Him on the cross. Then, you will no longer be your own, but His, who ransomed His life for our sake.

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