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Life with CHRIST

In Oswald Chambers devotional today he mentions the fact that “many to-day are spending and being spent in work for Jesus Christ, but they do not walk with Him.”

This is a fearful thing for me and should be all for all Workers of Christ. This statement suggests that prayer, devotion, singing, evangelism et al can be done in the name of but not with Christ. Are you hearing the same thing here, or am I off the rocker?

Oswald goes further by saying, “If God gives a clear and emphatic revelation to your soul of what He wants, do not try to keep yourself in that relationship by any particular method, but live a natural life of absolute dependence on Jesus Christ.”
This itself implies that this kind of revelation has come to a particular soul. If it hasn’t we are merely pretending in ministry. From beginning to end, Salvation is entirely from GOD. His regeneration by the Holy Spirit, His Justification, His Sanctification and His Glorification; they are all from Him and to Him and through Him.

May many souls be found out in these last days for their pretension, may GOD have mercy and grant their souls pardon and true abiding in Christ.
May I fall onto the dust and beg for mercy if I have been one of these pretentious fools and have made a ministry out of something I have built, dreamed up and facilitated. All that have done so will be like the man who built a house on the sand and will be found out, especially in these last days that will be more despicable, more horrendous than any before, Mark 13:19.

To all: Be on your guard!


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