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O God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs…

Judgment to begin with the House of God

Might there be any correlation between H2O baptism and the Great Flood in Noah’s day?

Might have GOD, our Father, thought it necessary to put in effect a blessed, humbling thing such as a good dunk and soak in H2O as likened to the deluge in Noah’s day as to confound us?

Why are we to go under? Yes, it is symbolism of death and burial. Might it mean that we are judged and condemned as well? As GOD judged and condemned the wicked of Noah’s day, so all are wicked and stand condemned before Christ’s work. Then Christ justifies as we are identified with His death.

Should we with much fear and trembling consider ourselves under much guilt and condemnation (conviction) before the work of Christ is laid upon us freely? Should we then glibly and with carelessness tiptoe to the waters of death or rather plunge in head first with full assurance that we do stand tried and convicted, ashamed of our blood guiltiness – down into the dregs of darkness and death – only to find our Christ, our Savior, awaiting our guilty souls, saying “It is Finished, Arise a new Creation…”


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