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O God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs…


True counseling is Biblical counseling.  This does not mean that scripture is taken and applied only as a ‘band-aid’ or methodized.  No, then anybody could do it – just read the Bible and find the correct answers to several problems and apply them as needed, kinda like taking a pill.  Counseling that is true is centered, grounded, firmly rooted and unmoved on the Cross and the Atonement of Christ Jesus.  It is that simple.  This true counseling is delivered by those in whom the Atonement of Christ has found purchase and has become a living reality; in whom the Spirit of Christ abides.

The great danger for counseling practitioners out there is to find methods and weave them into the session.  It’s as if we hone in or zoom in to a problem we hear brought up and then instantly, like Burger King, apply a scripture we have learned.  From this there comes a false sense of security and shallow satisfaction for both counselor and counselee.  The Atonement of Christ is not like Burger King where we can have it our way.  No, it is His way, bottom-line, and we must do it His way, as He directs.

The counselor must take the counselee to the rugged cross, where it is uncomfortable and sin is painfully revealed.  The counselor must ‘traffic in sin’ as Christ did.  Do you realize Christ sat with the sinners and was able to convict and apply healing balm within moments to the sinner?  To the degree that the counselor has trafficked in his own sin is the degree to which he can deliver redemption.  To the degree that death has come to the counselor through the crucifixion of Christ is the degree that he or she is able to deliver.  Have you been crucified with Christ?

What are you seeing here?  There are no elite groups of counselors, that are wearing white coats with clipboards in hand.  No, these are normal, uneducated (possibly), but sanctified warriors who have gotten real with their own sin and depravity in humility and are ready to win the next soul.  So, in this respect, everyone is a counselor.  By everyone I mean everyone that has been truly brought to the cross of Christ and have died with Him and in whom is the reality of Christ’s Atonement.  Basically, everyone who would call themselves a Christian.  Measure yourself, then, by how many counseling sessions you have had over the past week.  To the degree that the Atonement of Christ is a reality to you is the degree that you are counseling others, or in other words, discipling others.


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