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Solemn Assembly

The call for the Solemn Assembly

I. Who is to Call for it?   We see the first mention of a Solemn Assembly found in Leviticus 23 and Numbers 29. Both occasions are dealing with the call to assemble in the seventh month. Now the high priests may call for that assembly, but God had already ordained the assembly at such specific times. Is there any call for an assembly by priests or layman today? There is silence among the brethren. We see where false priests of Baal called for a solemn assembly by direction of King Jehu. They took a holy event, designed by God for their own false religion. It was a religious act to them. At such times of national need, the prophet would bring the people together for prayer, fasting and waiting upon the Lord. In other occasions, the prophet would call for an assembly and it would be for God to work in the midst of the people that had gone astray. The church gathered and waited before the Lord at the time of Pentecost. Within the last 500 years of the church practicing a solemn assembly has been called for by men that have been stirred and moved for God’s people to return to their first love. On one such occasion, in the history of the US, President Lincoln signed the senates proclamation for a day of humiliation and prayer for the nation. Although not carrying the name of ‘Solemn Assembly’, it was the same practice intended. So we see the calling for a Solemn Assembly with God mandating it; prophets and kings; church leaders; and government officials. The problem that is the worst, is when no one calls for one.

II. What is to be Done?   The work to be done is devoted to regain what has been lost. In the order of spiritual Christians functioning rightly, they are walking with the Lord. They accomplish this through reading/studying/ memorizing of Scripture. They pray without ceasing unto Him. They are gathered together for the things of the sake of assembling for worship. But when hearts grow cold and complacent, they will begin to let many of these things slip away. Now sin of neglect has entered in. It must be recognized, confessed, repented of and restoration made right.

III. How is it to Be done?  Many approaches and efforts can be used. We see different styles in the Scriptures. We are setting some of the same characteristics before us to recognize and incorporate in a Solemn Assembly. There should be a declared fast for that day of the assembly. There should be designated time set aside for confession and humiliation before the Lord over the sins of the nation and the church. Reading and preaching upon the word should be done. It should be taught and instructed unto the people what this day is and what it is for.  

IV. What will or should be Accomplished?  The desire of this declared Solemn Assembly is to find mercy from God. We have done everything we can to provoke Him to anger and wrath upon this place. His anger is hot against us and we deserve His righteous judgment. ‘In wrath remember mercy’. And if God would be intreated with us, we would seek His face to walk as we should. And in this His Name would be feared and honored among the people. Restoration of our broken relationship with Him is being sought for. Will we get it? Will we find it? We stand in His Presence and lay before Him asking and waiting to see if He will pardon and restore. ‘And who knows if He will return and leave a blessing behind Him.’

V. The Great need for mercy or judgment  What should be considered in the midst of all this is what will happen if we don’t prevail? What happens if sin continues and God’s people continue in their wayward, carnal, unbelieving ways? We will see sorrow, and suffering unlike anything that we have ever seen in this lifetime. With all that has happened to our nation in the last 10 years, you think we would desire to have God’s favor. Yet, we have continued to provoke Him, going deeper and deeper into sin and producing greater wickedness

This excerpt taken from Dan Biser.

This call was issued to the SBC and starts in a few days on July 24th, 2010 and can be seen live streamed here.


8 Synonyms for Sin

8 synonyms for Sin (by Archbishop R.C. Trench)

1. Missing the Mark – a faulty aim.  God has placed a target and our lives are to hit the bullseye.  We miss the target.  It is sin whether you shoot wide or short.

2. Transgression – GOD has given us a line saying, “this far and no farther. You cannot cross this line!”  When we cross we sin. We all have crossed the line.

3. Disobedience to His Voice – GOD has spoken.  He has told us what is required of us.  Any act of disobedience to the voice of GOD and through the pages of Holy Scripture is sin.  This can include failure to listen when GOD speaks and refusal to hear.  Anytime we are disobedience to the voice of GOD is a grievous sin.  All sin is against GOD, no matter how we describe it or what terms we attach to it.  Let’s look at two consenting adults in committing fornication – Some say the “new morality” says that’s allright because they are consenting adults – but the Old morality, the morality of GOD says it is sin.

4. Failure to Stand – when one should stand.  When a grievous sin is being committed we ought to stand against it.  The account of the young boy (king)  Joash is a high example of this. He leaned too greatly on the priest and when the priest died Joash fell (2 Chronicles).

5. Ignorance – of what one should have known.  Police officer siren pulls us over for Speeding.  “Oh, i didn’t know.”  That argument will never work for the police officer.

6. Diminishing that which should have been given in full measure – you know what you should do, but don’t do it fully.  Rather you do is in reduced measure.  Book of Acts gives account of it of Ananias and Sapphira.  We are tempted to render in part what GOD orders in full.  We sin against the GOD who made us by doing this.

7. Iniquity or Lawlessness – the non observance of law.  Our hearts could speak of many occasions where we said we will not obey.  Our rebellion is astounding: that we can hear what GOD has commanded and say ‘no’ with a straight-laced face and not bat an eye is astounding.

8. Discord in the harmonies of nature – This speaks of messing up the right order of dimension in society before GOD.  When women do not accept the GOD ordained role which is GOD-Man-Women-Children, in that order.  That is the GOD ordained role.  Children are out of line because mothers are out of line.  Families are in discord because the Father’s will not submit to GOD.

Sin is never willing to merely be your companion.  It is only willing to be your Lord and Master!  You must Master sin, or it will Master you!  “If you by the Spirit put to death the deeds of the body you will live” (Romans 8:13).

The Grievous nature of all sin

This is from the sermon “Sin Crouching at the Door”

by Richard Owen Roberts

Doctrinal words or theological terms about the nature of sin(Paraphrased) – Have you heard of them?

1. The universality of sin(Romans 3:19,KJV and Galatians 3:22) – where can you go in all the world in any space of time and find someone free from sin?

2. Total depravity(Psalms 51:5 and Romans 3:23) – its not merely that we have a problem but we are totally and unable, in and of ourselves, to do anything to remedy or fix this.

3. The imputation of sin(Romans 5:12) – children don’t learn to sin.  Sin was imputed to them through their father and all the way back to Adam.  Not one person has ever been born free from this imputation.

4. Original sin(Romans 5:19) – young infants, young parents, old men – ALL are bound in original sin.  Infants are born bound in sin.  Every infant no matter how sweet or lovely are in the grips of original sin.

5. Sin as a reigning principle – it isn’t that we are merely, on occasion, subjected to moments of temptation and sin.  Sin reigns in us and until broken we are bound by its power. Any free will that we have is bound as well to this principle.  We cannot do good (Romans 3:12 and Romans 8:7)

6. The propensity to sin(Proverbs 20:9 and Psalms 14:3) – having a tendency just does not cut it, we have a propensity to sin – an irresistible urge.

7. Sin as an acquired or cultivated habit – this is in reference to special or individual sins not the totality of sin as an acquired habit.  How many ministers have cultivated the sin of pornography?  Our hearts are idol factories…

8. Aggravated sin – sin that is made the worse by some circumstance.  Book of James says – “to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, sins” (James 4:17).  GOD Himself has forbidden it and aggravated sin is committed when one disregards what is forbidden and does it still or one that know the good to do and does it not.

How does this affect your view of GOD, yourself and salvation?

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