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8 Synonyms for Sin

8 synonyms for Sin (by Archbishop R.C. Trench)

1. Missing the Mark – a faulty aim.  God has placed a target and our lives are to hit the bullseye.  We miss the target.  It is sin whether you shoot wide or short.

2. Transgression – GOD has given us a line saying, “this far and no farther. You cannot cross this line!”  When we cross we sin. We all have crossed the line.

3. Disobedience to His Voice – GOD has spoken.  He has told us what is required of us.  Any act of disobedience to the voice of GOD and through the pages of Holy Scripture is sin.  This can include failure to listen when GOD speaks and refusal to hear.  Anytime we are disobedience to the voice of GOD is a grievous sin.  All sin is against GOD, no matter how we describe it or what terms we attach to it.  Let’s look at two consenting adults in committing fornication – Some say the “new morality” says that’s allright because they are consenting adults – but the Old morality, the morality of GOD says it is sin.

4. Failure to Stand – when one should stand.  When a grievous sin is being committed we ought to stand against it.  The account of the young boy (king)  Joash is a high example of this. He leaned too greatly on the priest and when the priest died Joash fell (2 Chronicles).

5. Ignorance – of what one should have known.  Police officer siren pulls us over for Speeding.  “Oh, i didn’t know.”  That argument will never work for the police officer.

6. Diminishing that which should have been given in full measure – you know what you should do, but don’t do it fully.  Rather you do is in reduced measure.  Book of Acts gives account of it of Ananias and Sapphira.  We are tempted to render in part what GOD orders in full.  We sin against the GOD who made us by doing this.

7. Iniquity or Lawlessness – the non observance of law.  Our hearts could speak of many occasions where we said we will not obey.  Our rebellion is astounding: that we can hear what GOD has commanded and say ‘no’ with a straight-laced face and not bat an eye is astounding.

8. Discord in the harmonies of nature – This speaks of messing up the right order of dimension in society before GOD.  When women do not accept the GOD ordained role which is GOD-Man-Women-Children, in that order.  That is the GOD ordained role.  Children are out of line because mothers are out of line.  Families are in discord because the Father’s will not submit to GOD.

Sin is never willing to merely be your companion.  It is only willing to be your Lord and Master!  You must Master sin, or it will Master you!  “If you by the Spirit put to death the deeds of the body you will live” (Romans 8:13).


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