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The Grievous nature of all sin

This is from the sermon “Sin Crouching at the Door”

by Richard Owen Roberts

Doctrinal words or theological terms about the nature of sin(Paraphrased) – Have you heard of them?

1. The universality of sin(Romans 3:19,KJV and Galatians 3:22) – where can you go in all the world in any space of time and find someone free from sin?

2. Total depravity(Psalms 51:5 and Romans 3:23) – its not merely that we have a problem but we are totally and unable, in and of ourselves, to do anything to remedy or fix this.

3. The imputation of sin(Romans 5:12) – children don’t learn to sin.  Sin was imputed to them through their father and all the way back to Adam.  Not one person has ever been born free from this imputation.

4. Original sin(Romans 5:19) – young infants, young parents, old men – ALL are bound in original sin.  Infants are born bound in sin.  Every infant no matter how sweet or lovely are in the grips of original sin.

5. Sin as a reigning principle – it isn’t that we are merely, on occasion, subjected to moments of temptation and sin.  Sin reigns in us and until broken we are bound by its power. Any free will that we have is bound as well to this principle.  We cannot do good (Romans 3:12 and Romans 8:7)

6. The propensity to sin(Proverbs 20:9 and Psalms 14:3) – having a tendency just does not cut it, we have a propensity to sin – an irresistible urge.

7. Sin as an acquired or cultivated habit – this is in reference to special or individual sins not the totality of sin as an acquired habit.  How many ministers have cultivated the sin of pornography?  Our hearts are idol factories…

8. Aggravated sin – sin that is made the worse by some circumstance.  Book of James says – “to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, sins” (James 4:17).  GOD Himself has forbidden it and aggravated sin is committed when one disregards what is forbidden and does it still or one that know the good to do and does it not.

How does this affect your view of GOD, yourself and salvation?


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