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Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom

You ever hear a song that powerfully infuses encouragement, praise and boldness?  I have found that song, rather a hymn that Grey Friars Press has produced called Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom.  It is sung by the Parish Presbyterian Men’s Chorus.  The song is featured on Gregory Wilbur’s new album My Cry Ascends and marketed by Ligonier.  The lyrics are here:   This song is a testament to GOD’s power and Sovereignty in the land, in the whole world and CHRIST’s Supremacy in Truth!  This song is doctrinal and spurs us on to duty; it is clarity for a church with blurred vision.  This song is an indictment to wayward and sleepy Christians.  This song is eschatological – looking forward to the Nations exalting Christ as King!  This song is a battle cry for tired and weary soldiers of CHRIST speaking of the hope we have to stand when you have done all you can – to be a good and faithful soldier of Jesus CHRIST!

Mighty Lord, extend Your kingdom, Be the truth with triumph crowned;
Let the lands that sit in darkness Hear the glorious Gospel sound,
From our borders, From our borders, To the world’s remotest bound.

By Your arm, eternal Father, Scatter far the shades of night;
Let the great Immanuel’s kingdom Open like the morning light;
Let all barriers,  Let all barriers, Yield before Your heavenly might.

Come in all Your Spirit’s power; Come, Your reign on earth restore;
In Your strength ride forth and conquer, Still advancing more and more,
Till all people, Till all people, Shall Your holy Name adore.

There are only three stanzas, which relieves some of the burden of its weight – the strength rests in CHRIST – however, the brevity allows it to pierce quicker and deeper and reveal inconsistencies in our loyalties.  ALL for CHRIST! Carry His honor, be filled with His Spirit!  Rejoice, because in all things He causes His children to triumph! CHRIST our Triumph!


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