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O God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs…

Will this be THE REVIVAL that we need…?

I received this email just today and will post it here in it’s entirety.

Revival historians all agree that the great spiritual awakenings and
revivals have all come through movements of prayer that have often begun
with just one person or a small group of intercessors.

Meeting in Dallas, Texas, October 26-29, 1976, the National Prayer Congress
was a call to Christians in America to “turn to God in repentance and prayer
for our nation.” Ms. Kitty Longstreth, a faithful prayer warrior in our
community and now in her early 90’s, was among a small group from Central
Arkansas who accepted that challenge. Since returning home, she and others
have prayed faithfully for almost 35 years for the move of God in our
community. Since that time, God has continued to stir a growing movement of

Three times in just the last two weeks as groups of pastors have been united
in prayer, there has been a sense that God is stirring us to pray with even
greater fervency for revival, spiritual awakening, and that He wants to
bless our community in extraordinary ways through CityFest 2010.

Please unite with other intercessors, and in the next 30 days pray as never
before that God’s glory will be revealed in our community. Please pray

. For wisdom, provision and protection for all of the CityFest
Leadership teams: Prayer Team, Season of Service Team, ONE Event Team, the
Communication Team, and the City-wide CityFest Leadership Team.

. For your church and all of the church leadership teams who are
inviting their churches to serve and participate.

. For God to call hundreds of Christ-followers who will share the
love of Christ through prayer, caring for others, and sharing their faith in

. For strength, provision, protection, and spiritual power for Jim
and Daniel Henderson as they prepare, travel, and lead the reFresh!
event for pastors and the city-wide Evening of Prayer.

. For strength, provision, protection, and spiritual power for the
One Event Musicians and Speakers.

. That the Holy Spirit will draw thousands in our community to
open their hearts to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

. For good weather on October 2 and the other days of outside

. For greater unity and maturity for the body of Christ in Central

Uniting in fervent prayer,

The CityFest Prayer Team

[This message was sent from Nehemiah Network to Jeff Spry and City Connections Inc. ]

(The feelings, requests, speakers and opinions seen in this email reflect those from whom they were made and do not necessarily reflect the author of this blog. My intent in posting this is to chronicle events and be a watchman…)


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