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Summary of Romans 9-11

The apostle Paul is not sorrowful because the Word of God is being nullified by Jewish unbelief (for in fact the Scripture is being fulfilled by their unbelief, as God is revealing His elective purposes in the salvation of the Gentiles and the stumbling of the Jews), but he is sorrowful for the Jewish people themselves, the seed of Abraham, because they are lost, and he prays for them that they might be become Abrahamic, the true people of God as they are meant to be. Paul knows that they are beloved of God and that God is not through with them yet. God has not cast away His people but has a glorious end for them, as He has promised. Sadly that end will be for but a few, for God’s judgments are at work in that nation, yet that few will at last be all. Paul’s heart breaks and longs for the salvation of His people, but his desire for them is not based upon national sentimentality. It is a Spirit-filled, Christ-like, prophetic desire that causes him to marvel and rejoice in the wisdom and purposes of God. Israel’s salvation will be life to the world and the final and greatest revelation of the mercy of God to mankind in Christ Jesus.



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