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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Reformation, not halloween

So, not a fan of Halloween at all.  If I had a cool laser pointer that could burn small holes through thin plastic I would put on my ghillie suit, paint my face and crawl down the neighborhood burning holes in all the blow-up plastic Halloween characters.  That would be unlawful, I’m sure, which is why i will not do it.  however, the problem isn’t just halloween but that churched folks are loving it as well.  My bible has said, “be not conformed to this world…” (Romans 12:2) and halloween observance with all its trappings, costumes and fear-based approaches are a conforming to this world.  Many churches are touting ‘trunk or treat’ on their signs which is not a better or lesser evil option.  I really don’t get it.  There is also a growing move and emphasis on Hell Halls, Judgment Halls, or scaring-hell-into-you themed tours.  This society, nation and world need the profound reality, weight and seriousness of hell made plain to them but not as entertainment at the cost of theatrical productions.  What has happened to the preaching of the cross alone?

Here, I recommend an alternative to the observance of halloween.  There are two:

1) Martin Luther and the historical nailing of his 95 Theses occured on October 31st, 1517.  It is a remarkable and must-read!  It would be more beneficial to sit down, in a quiet house and read this to yourself and/or your family.

2) Hold a soup supper or potluck at your local church or homeless shelter and gather for fellowship.  Incorporate the reading of the Holy Scriptures, sing and have preaching.  Well…read the 95 theses as well, while your’e at it.  Here is a church that has a similar idea.  Halloween should be changed to Luther day or Fall Festival day – DOWN with halloween!  No more halloween.  No more halloween.  I usurp sereptitiously and demand boycott everywhere and a redress of grievances and all that Tea Party stuff…

Seek His Face – Revival

I recently have come across the writings of Del Fehsenfeld Jr. in a book called Ablaze With His Glory.  Del died at a young age and in the moments before his death he broke into long periods of what some thought was sleep but actually prayer.  His dying prayer was:

Lord, please bring back Your glory to Your church.  Send the fire.  Turn the hearts of Your people. May they know that You alone are GOD.

What is your dying prayer?

This quote and this man correlates with another man who has been emblazoned with the fire of GOD.  He still lives and, by GOD’s grace, is still traveling to preach about GOD’s glory and to pray for His glory to fill the earth.  In his book on Revival, Richard Owen Roberts says this:

Despite the tremendous amount of activity found in religious circles today, there is a very real sense in which the Church itself is like a sleeping giant…When revival comes, the giant will not only stir and awaken, but also move with dynamic power and glorious impact.  Can you imagine the entire Body of Christ moving throughout the earth with unified purpose and Holy Spirit power?…Unleash all this transforming power against the forces of sin and evil in your community.  That is what revival is. (page 20)

In another place Richard Owen Roberts defines revival this way:

Revival is an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results.” While that phrase conveys the fundamental concept of revival, over the intervening years I have come to the conviction that one single word describes revival better than any other — that word is “GOD.”

There is a very precious sense in which revival is literally “GOD in the midst of His people.

Are you walking in personal revival?  And are you willing to pay the price at any cost for it?

The cry that rang through out Wales was “Bend the Church, and save the World?”

Would you be willing to give yourself to a season of prayer and pray the same?  Evan Roberts, the man GOD used mightily in Wales had a four-point plan to revival:

1. Confess all known sin.

2. Put away all doubtful things and forgive everyone.

3. Obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

4. Publicly confess Christ as your Savior.

We will work hard because we pray hard!

Practical inquiries which may test a call to the ministry

This excerpt is from the Founders Journal, Issue 78, Fall 2009:

Basil Manly, Jr.

(The following questions are not only helpful to determine the validity of a Call to the ministry but also to assert some qualifications for a minister of the Gospel.  On the other hand, these could very well be used to test whether or not one is truly born-again, regenerated to life by the Holy Spirit!)

1. Do you habitually entertain and cherish the conviction that you are not your own; but, as dead with Christ, are bound to live unto yourself, but inform Him who died for you, and rose again?

2. Do you feel willing to serve Him in whatsoever employment you can most glorify His name? (sweeping floors, nursery worker, and the like come to mind)

3. Do you watch for opportunities of doing good, and avail yourselves of those that offer, in the Sunday school, in the prayer meeting and by the wayside?

4. Do you sincerely desire to make it the business of your life to labor for souls? Is the desire habitually, disinterested, and prompted by love to Jesus, and compassion for the impenitent?

5. Do you find that other employments seem comparatively uninviting, and this delightful, apart from any considerations of worldly ease or emolument?

6. Does your impression of duty with regard to the ministry grow stronger, at such times when you are most favored with nearness to GOD, and when you most distinctly realize eternal things?

7. Is your willingness to engage in such service with a clear and cordial renunciation of self-seeking, and a simple reliance on Him whose grace is promised to be sufficient?

8. Is it joined with a humble estimate of your own powers, and with a willingness to use all necessary and suitable means for the improvement of those powers?

9. Is it a desire for this work, not as a temporary resort, as a refuge for indolence, or an avenue to fame, but as a lifetime of labor, in prosperity or adversity, in evil report and in good report, that GOD may be honored and sinners saved?

If you answered “Yes” to all these then your Call may be of the one who Calls.  Go forth and labor in the harvest…

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