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Vision of GOD

I have overheard it said that, “My vision of God depends upon the state of my character.”

Does this suggest that the degree of my surrender, submission, yieldedness to God is the degree to His revelation to me? Would it thus be safe to say that the shallowness of your pursuit of God reflects a shallowness in vision? Many people can wrap their minds around the love of God. They are content to know Him only as Love. “God is Love,” yes the Bible says so, but who knows the extent, degree, measure of His love? Who has been His counselor in what object to love, how much to love it and to what end? Does God’s forgiveness of sin reflect His love? Yes, if the knowledge of that love gives no further license to continue or remain in sin. Love does not suggest that forgiveness will be granted but gives no demands afterwards.

I might say that the extent to God’s working in you to build up character will show forth the limit to God’s confidence in you. Yes, i mean to say His confiding in you. Not that He is leaning on you for esteem but that He CAN give His revelation to you. “And this is eternal life, that they may know Thee…” It is God’s desire that we know Him, that we know Him that, we know Him, that we know Him. O that we may know Him, truly, intimately. Does he reveal himself to unconfident snipes? Does He confide in anyone not willing to come to an utter end first. He visits the humble and the lowly, in order to pick them up in the strength of His revealing Himself.

GOD’s vision of me depends upon the state of His character.


One response to “Vision of GOD

  1. Mike Buckley November 26, 2010 at 00:18

    Good words brother. Our spiritual condition is a reflection of the extent to which we seek God.

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