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Salvation in Full Color (Introduction)

I intend to provoke folks in their faith, to exhort that we “examine [our]selves to see if [we] are in the faith” (2 Corinthians 13:5). To assist in this endeavor i am reading and studying from Richard Owen Roberts book, Salvation in Full Color. R. O. Roberts has not written this book but has compiled it using 20 sermons from the past Great Awakening Preachers. Hidden and unpopular men, such as, Asahel Nettleton, Timothy Dwight, Solomon Stoddard and others. But my point is made, largely we have not heard of these names. What R. O. Roberts does with this book, however, is quite remarkable. He attempts to outline the process of salvation as it occurs in the life of an individual.

Two things occur at the outset, 1) a deep and abiding reverence for the GOD of salvation (monergism), and 2) a rescue of the miracle of salvation from the man dregs of coercion.

This will be a process, so bear with me. Understand up front, that, I am using R.O.’s book, Salvation in Full Color, merely as a guide to understand what happens in and through the process of Salvation. Scripture is our sole guide for faith and obedience and directs us what to believe about GOD. So, IF any glory falls on man for this I direct it towards R.O. and the men who spoke these words so boldly in times past. Yet, ultimately, we will not be held guiltless if we reach out to touch His glory: all Glory to Him who sits on His throne ruling with a firm, yet merciful hand and that Sovereignly!

What we are beginning to study is Salvation in Full Color – the 20 essentials of Salvation as they occur in an individual (In other words, in order of their occurrence).

more follows…

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2 responses to “Salvation in Full Color (Introduction)

  1. Caleb Green January 4, 2011 at 21:19

    Hey bro,
    Where did you run across this compilation?

    A friend gave it to me awhile back but i have no clue where they got it.

    For the King

    • ruach34 January 4, 2011 at 21:29

      It is from Richard Owen Roberts book he compiled called Salvation in Full Color. Roberts takes old great awakening sermons and puts them together in order in such a way as to magnify the GOD of salvation. Masterpiece and I am slowly working thru the book…and posting in condensed form here.

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