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Salvation in Full Color (Suppositions continued)

3) A Right View of Sin
This “high view of sin invariably leads to a distorted view of sin.”(xii) The proud sinner:
– demands the right to determine what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior
– forbids him to bow the knee
– enables him to snub the nose at GOD’s Law, His threatenings and warning at disobedience and ultimate destruction for those that do not repent.
– unable to yield to GOD’s terms of determining what is actually right or wrong.
– unwilling to listen to another man, past or present.
– disdains the dreadful consequence of sin
– disregards all truths both wiser and better men of past centuries have discovered.
– is imitated by others who think he has gotten away with something because GODs wrath has not fallen on him with ultimate severity.
– doom is delayed while he is filling up the measure of his sins (1 Thessalonians 2:16).
– and all the while does “store up wrath for [themselves] on the day of wrath when GOD’s righteous judgment will be revealed” (Romans 2:5b).

4) A Right View of Salvation
“A distorted view of sin naturally leads to a corrupted view of salvation” (xii)
– If sin is thought of as a minor consequence than the need of a GOD-sized salvation is eliminated.
– If sin is an insignificant issue, then a small measure of salvation is thought to be sufficient.
– A “little dab will do ya” will not stick to ya when you stand before the King, it is not salvation at all because it does not match the NT or OT salvation.

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