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O God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs…


J = Justification by Faith                                                                               T = Total Depravity
U = Unconditional Election                                                                         U = Unconditional Election
N = Natural Depravity                                                   VS.                          L = Limited Atonement
I = Invincible Faith                                                                                          I = Irresistible Grace
P = Progressive Sanctification                                                                    P = Perseverance of the
E = Effectual Atonement Saints
R = Resistless Grace

“It could be said that “Tulip” has a doctrinal progression which may be likened to the golden chain of Romans 8:28‐30, to which Boettner alludes, whereas “Juniper” is not so logically connected. However Romans 8:28‐30 assumes the preceding explicit gospel context of Romans 1‐8, from which “Tulip” has become historically disconnected. Hence “Juniper” is a preferable acrostic representation of sovereign grace truth because it is more essentially comprehensive.” – Barry Horner

Has anyone come across this before? More to follow…


Till His return…


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