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Doctrinal clarity or throbbing Love for God – which is it, Theologian?

“You may not be exactly doctrinal with a man, but the main part is intact. And that is when you are a man of God, brother, when you can accomodate someone that isn’t as perfect as you. You’re carnal if you can’t. If you’re just there to defend the faith of the four walls you’re in, or the denomination or culture, heaven help you. You’re a grief to GOD. If you’re not there in the pulpit for souls brother, get out of it. If you’re there for doctrine, you’ll have no compassion. You’ll even prove people need to go to hell and think it’s justifying God’s…sovereignty. You’ll miss the mark. You’ll do anything but you won’t have a throbbing cry to God when you’re carnal. You’ll just have a throbbing cry to defend doctrine at the cost of souls being put into darkness, blaming God.”

From Keith Daniel, The Revivals of America, preached at Maranatha Baptist Family Camp October 16th, 2004


Until His return


2 responses to “Doctrinal clarity or throbbing Love for God – which is it, Theologian?

  1. Caleb Green August 12, 2011 at 01:24

    Hmm, not quite sure I agree with some of this. While it is true that dead orthodoxy is a danger, it is equally true that “vibrant” unorthodoxy is a danger. We MUST be very carefully concerned with doctrine. After all, what are we preaching if not the doctrine of Christ?!!?!
    A burning heart after God must be burning after the real God. If the doctrine is false, then we are in sin. But if we have a burning heart after the real and true God, and are zealous for His truth, then we are on to something.
    Keith Daniel is a very godly man, and so I am very hesitant to critique him. But even a godly man can be confused at times. We cannot sacrifice truth for love or zeal. To love or to be zealous for the wrong thing is missing the mark as much as being calloused to the real God and His truth.

    God bless my brother!!!

  2. ruach34 August 12, 2011 at 01:46

    Thanks for visiting. It is true that scripture in 1 Timothy 4:16 says “take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine…” and it also says “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart…soul… and mind” and in this dispensation of the Holy Spirit there is no law in love. I completely get what Mr. Daniel is saying here. Love covers a multitude of sin in either the one conferred or the one conferring. Love seems to be the whole context of the New Testament and if we have not love we are a resounding gong or clanging cymbal. Mr. Daniel also says that if our harshest word is not filled with the deepest love we are to question our motives and even leave the pulpit or preaching. Whitfield would lean his head back and weep for sinners. You know all of this so Im just preaching to the choir but would like to get some more clarity from what Keith and you are saying. I would almost rather err on the side of love than truth…Love pursues God in the wee hours, love travels over mountains and hills to win a convert, love bows its head at the chopping block, love is silent, love washes feet.

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