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Operation Save America comes to Little Rock

Operation Save America is starting a STATES OF REFUGE Campaign which will target the five states in the USA that have only one surgical abortion mill left: Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. These mills are vulnerable and at their weakest points of survival. This past week OSA met in Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock Family Planning Services is the only such facility in the state.


Most of the people arrived late Wednesday and we met that night at Pastor Marvin Barham’s church: VCFI (Victory Christian Fellowship International)  located at 10321 Maumelle Blvd in North Little Rock, AR 72113. Bill and Ruth Darr were kind enough to pick up the people that flew in and the rest drove there locally or from other states. Pastor Flip Benham led the service each night and taught us segments of his “Christmas Package” series, re-presenting the miracle that took place in Bethlehem (Luke 1:39-45 ).
The VCFI music ministry led worship Wednesday through Friday night. Bishop Robert Smith spoke of the anemic condition of the church the first night. He spoke to us about “doing the done”.  Pastor Marvin (of VCFI) spoke and shared some Hebrew words with us. He said the Church has lost its sense of urgency, that we must have the credibility of righteousness to back up our prayers and we are supposed to be the conscience of the culture. Carmen and I spoke about OSA-CT. Every night a few saints shared about their ministries. It is so very interesting to hear the experiences of others in this ministry all over our nation.


 Every morning after our 6 AM breakfast we had Bible Study with Flip (6:30 AM) as he added more tidbits about the “Christmas Package” ( Phil. 2:6-11) and then we left for the mill or the high schools after 7AM. Carmen and I were sent to the mill for sidewalk counseling and the others went to high schools on Thursday and Friday morning. Students were  very receptive to take literature and signs were displayed on the streets. Students at the first stop Thursday morning, Little Rock Central High School – focal point of the 1957 integration battle –  came face to face with hard truth regarding current violations of the human rights of pre-born babies to exist.  We wondered what Social Studies teachers were teaching when one student insisted the U.S. Constitution prohibits the mention of Jesus on the public sidewalk in front of a school.  When the school group was done they all came over to the abortion mill. On Friday morning OSA went to West Little Rock High School. Some of the teeens asked for more literature to pass out and they said they were going to put one in each locker. PTL! Becky and Shelley gave out many brochures in the school parking lot.
After lunch we were off to the University of Arkansas where we gave out the “Sing a Little Louder” brochures and Flip preached in the courtyard. Students on the top floors were listening out the windows and asked Flip to turn up the volume (that’s a switch). One student bringing a garbage can around telling students to throw their literature in. Police asked Pastor Hollick and he did have a permit for us to be there. PTL!


Thursday night Rusty Thomas did an awesome teaching on what it really means to be a Christian. He said he has had more grief from the “brethren” than from the pro-aborts. He taught on following Christ through a lifelong journey of justification, sanctification and compassion. The apostle Paul was filled with such bitter sorrow and unending grief that he was willing to give up his salvation if it would save others! (Romans 9:1 & 2 ) You can hear the teachings that were streamed to the Internet at http://ustream.tv/channel/vcfi-tv
There is also an effort in progress to discourage anyone who delivers to abortion mills. Tony Massey has a website www.Bloodworker.com that he will post pictures of vehicles making deliveries to the death camps. The mill and the vehicle with the company name needs to be in the photo. His email is 2f@tonymassey.com   All the men prayed over Pastor Kiser who will be in charge of the local operation at Little Rock’s baby killing center. Pastor Hollick gave us our marching orders for each day.
Friday night Pastor Flip Benham continued his Christmas Miracle (Matthew 2:1 & Rev. 12). You have to deny yourself and pick up your cross. Also, Bruce Garren , the Darrs and Chris Clegg spoke.  Pastor Kizer did an awesome testimony/teaching about his life of football, gambling, beer and jail before he met Jesus! It was great, you have to go to the same web address to hear it!   http://ustream.tv/channel/vcfi-tv.
We did the same schedule for Saturday morning except there was no school outreach. We all went to the death camp. We saw the abortionist, Tom Tvedten, who came in every morning in his pick-up truck. Please pray for his conversion. Some did an outreach and flyer distribution in his neighborhood. We all need to pray for the security guard there, Wayne, that he will repent and get saved and find another job. The police gave us a hard time for being in the driveway handing out materials to cars that stopped. They threatened me with F.A.C.E. At one point there were 8 cop cars and 4 federal agents scrutinizing us. A couple of cops privately said they were for us, but most of the time at the mill they were harassing us for every little thing. Workers would speed into the driveway trying to hit us and the did nothing. At one time a cop went into the abortuary to talk to them.


At 10 Am Saturday we left the mill and went to a playoff high school football game at War Memorial Stadium where five to ten thousand people gathered. We passed out literature and showed the “hard truth” of abortion in our nation where 3500 precious children are killed daily. Shame on us. We met a man there that was thanking us and wanted to get some people and his church involved.  Three teen girls stopped their car and said they were prolife and so happy we were there. They took literature and encouraged us. Another couple stopped and said they would be with us but their six month baby was still in the hospital since birth. The whole church prayed for them Saturday night. PTL!
At the Saturday night service Pastor Hollick asked if anyone wanted to come up and lead the worship. Ante raised his hand and went up there and led a wonderful spirit filled worship with a guitar. He did not hesitate and knew all the words, it was great. Pastor Hollick taught on the magi and the Messiah and how the brethren needs to gather together while there is still time. (Matthew 2:13, John 7:40-41, Zepheniah 2). Bruce Garren and Pastor Kizer spoke and prayed and last but not least Jo Scott came up and talked about what her and her husband Ken do. They are our heroes who are fearless for Jesus! Please pray for Jo’s exoneration in there present court case. She also told us about Pepsi and Kraft using aborted babies to test their products on. Ugh!  Jodi shared the heart wrenching story of the mom that they brought to the CPC but still decided to kill her baby. We also heard from Tom Huey who was totally humbled by us being there in his city! Here are some of the videos he took: http://youtu.be/34mRrQdMhGk
http://youtu.be/jehKx_fobgc http://youtu.be/q2P4szcGS2g http://youtu.be/1cOa9aeE21c http://youtu.be/5a1Kviii8Vk
Pastor Kevin Battle joined us Saturday night. He previously prophesied the closing of the mill by January 21st. Deanna Waller also put her videos on You Tube at DWALLER 1978.
Sunday morning there was a church outreach at Agape Church. The Pastor there is Happy Caldwell. “Sing a Little Louder” brochures were passed out. We really didn’t have much feed back they took the brochures and went on their way. Comments on our approach were made. Ante Pavkovic delivered a very anointed message on the speaker system and Pastor Hollick and Chris Clegg also delivered messages in the open air.
Pastor Kiser went into the congregation and the pastors wife gave a prayer before the service thanking God for Obama as our President and that he has the mind of Christ and the heart of God. Pastor Happy said do not be upset with the people outside because we believe the same way about abortion we just have a different approach than they do.
It was different not to have people from such a large mega church come out to talk to us. The police were called and sat and watched.  A security guard was the only person we talked with at the start of this event when he was opening up the church.  He was not in favor of what we were doing.
The above written by Marilyn Carroll

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