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Monthly Archives: January 2012

A timely word – from 1934

Paul Schneider, the first Protestant pastor murdered by the Nazis, refused to compromise and side with the Germans (Nazi Party). He is known for the quote, “there are no storm troopers in Heaven,” referring to Hitler’s soldiers.

During one church service Pastor Schneider asked his congregation:

Where are those Christian consciences who judge righteously, who take the standard for their politics neither from National Socialism nor from socialism, but rather from the gospel?

This man was soon arrested, sent to Buchenwald where he was severally tortured and on July 18, 1939 was executed by lethal injection.

Have you ever thought that what you say today could be used against you later to kill you? Is there any proof today from your testimony for Christ?


What is the Evangel

“The evangel bears all the dynamic and dignity of the Throne of God. It’s demands cause the sinner to bow in humble submission, worship and reverence before the exalted One Who fills heaven with His glory.

“The paramount theme of the Gospel preacher is therefore the death, resurrection, ascension and the returning of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, he must never forget the divine objective to be realized through His redemptive work. This can be nothing less than the proclamation of His Sovereignty in relation to the redemption of men.”

Reginald Wallis

What is Repentance

Surrender, submission, bowing, humility, agreement: these are all words that characterize true repentance and godly sorrow (2 Corinthians 7:10). Both John, the forerunner, and Jesus sounded out the message “Repent” as they began to preach. This is the one-word message of the gospel.

“Change your mind,” says the preacher of the gospel, “agree with the King that has conquered, throw down your shotguns and swords of rebellion, submit to His rule, the new King or be destroyed under His power and wrath.”

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones wraps it up so well in this way:


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