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WELSCO – True to their word?

WELSCO has celebrated 70 years of Service here in Arkansas, supplying a full line of industrial, medical and specialty gases in bulk, cryogenic form, or individual cylinders as well as a complete welding and cutting equipment distributorship.

Just a week ago one of WELSCO’s trucks was videotaped entering, servicing, supplying and then leaving the Little Rock Family Planning Services facility – in other words, filmed as accomplices to the Abortion Mill. This facility is murdering approximately 12-20 preborn lives a day, shedding innocent blood from Tuesday to Saturday each week. The primary murderer is Tom Tvedten. His accomplices are several nurses and one door guard, Wayne Everett Baer.

So, in rare and true form, as Christians within this culture who are salt and light, we corresponded with this company and informed them of their association with an Abortion mill and plead for them to cease and desist. Brother Thom Huey of Word of Outreach church, Tony Massey of Bloodworker and myself all sent emails to them. Just days later, the CEO and President of WELSCO, Mrs. Harrison, contacted us reasonably flushed with being confronted in this manner but also very willing to cease and desist her association with this murder mill. Thom Huey went right to work making a phone call and discovering her pastor was a long time friend and very willing to assist in any manner. Mrs. Harrison, at this point, not only verbally gave her word to cease and desist but also ceased and desisted from communicating with us any further. And so, Thom Huey contacted her pastor. The intent here was to ensure we reached a resolution. On 06 Jan 2012, Police were on site at the murder mill to assist in getting on campus and allow for WELSCO to rescue their gas tubes but were “denied access.” Despite this stonewalling by the abortuary, WELSCO has so far stayed true to their word, and for that we glorify God!

Here is where we are right now. WELSCO’s cylinders are still on site and it will take a court order to get them. We can be assured that the gas will continue to be used until dry – and then? Then, the murder workers will not have any more gas and may have to temporarily cease work. Our goal is that this murder mill will indeed have to cease all operations forever, and that Arkansas will become the first State of Refuge!

Will you help us in “deliver[ing] those who are being taken away to death…?” (Pr 24:11)


“i love because He first loved me, i live because He lives.” (Hymn by Horatius Bonar)

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2 responses to “WELSCO – True to their word?

  1. Brother Thom Huey a simple unprofitable servant of the Lord Jesus Christ January 7, 2012 at 15:33

    Yes Lord…may it be so that Arkansas becomes the first State of Refuge where Children are honored, protected and given rightful place in the sanctity of the womb.
    In Jesus Name (His position, character and authority)

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