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Arkansas – Operation Save America (Help Needed)

As you all know, WELSCO has ceased from doing business with the only surgical abortion mill in Arkansas. Now, to be proactive, we would like to kindly contact other businesses that might be called upon to supply this place with nitrous oxide and oxygen in order to carry on their awful, God-hating practice of killing innocent babies. If you are so inclined, would you contact any or all of these business and tell them that WELSCO has ceased from providing these gases to this abortion mill and that they may be called upon to fill the void left. Please inform them of what is occuring at this facility and ask them not to associate themselves with it nor become an accessory to murder.

Airgas – multiple locations (ask for main office)3302 Brown St, Little Rock, AR 72204 » Map (501) 666-6629

NLR Welding Supply – 5001 E Broadway St, North Little Rock, AR 72117 » Map (501) 945-0986

Nexair – 6000 Lindsey Rd, Little Rock, AR 72206 » Map (501) 562-2628

There may be more. WELSCO CEO has not been willing to provide us with other businesses in the area that might be called upon to step up and provide these gases.

Quote from Dr. Patrick Johnston here:

In permitting innocent children of God to be slaughtered unjustly, our government is "at war with the Lamb" and in defiance of Almighty God. Our government is also at war with our U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court declares that it is unconstitutional for states to prohibit abortion, including the abortion of healthy babies mature enough to survive outside the womb. Don’t they know that the 14th Amendment says "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws"? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall, in 1803, said, "A law repugnant [or repulsive] to the Constitution is void." Would you cash a check with words "VOID" across the front of it? Well, then why do you respect Supreme Court decisions that are by their very nature just as null and void?

p.s. join Arkansas fan page http://www.facebook.com/OperationSaveArkansas

May we love even our worst enemy and thus show to the world, our victorious CHRIST!

Until He comes,


Richard C. Hagen


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