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Weekend 39th Roe v Wade events – Little Rock, AR

Dear Friends,

Short Agenda on Little Rock’s weekend Life events follows:

*Saturday, 21st Jan*

08-12:00 – Outreach at the abortion mill, LRFP service, where Tom Tvedten is aggressively murdering children.

Afternoon – There has been talk about attending the
NOWmarch and handing out States
of Refuge flyers. This is a Pro Choice and rowdy event and will decided by consensus. Otherwise, Mark Kiser and others will spend the afternoon fellowshipping and/or possibly some training.

*Sunday, 22nd Jan*

Morning – Mark Kiser is available to speak at a church, if anybody offers.

Afternoon – March for Life event will start at 2:00 pm at Capital and Lousiana Streets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this weekend is a crucial event for States of Refuge, Operation Save America and Personhood. Join us in praying the permanent closure of Little Rock’s only surgical murder mill TODAY!

Psalm 10


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