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Jimmy Carter’s new work – NIV Bible

I personally am confused about and find reprehensible the new work of Jimmy Carter and his NIV Lessons from Life Bible. Sure, there may be ‘experiences’ contained in this work that are valid but at best this is a pragmatic work – and i haven’t even read it.

“How dare you,” you may say.

Well, i can only take this stance from Carter’s own position on one issue – homosexuality – and this guy is Baptist! By this one issue Jimmy Carter denounces the authority of scripture and asserts himself to be the authority. He even borrows from contemporary thought process that suggests with all the knowledge at our fingertips, we have evolved past needing traditions or that ‘old time religion’ and even the Bible itself. To support this, Carter says that “the basic principles of the bible are taught by God, but written down by human beings deprived of modern day knowledge,” in an interview with Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, senior religion editor of Huffington Post. It is clear that Jimmy Carter has not read the Bible, how can he be an editor of one, much less an authority on it. I personally find reprehensible that post modern thought process that says our modernity, our evolution has perfected us past needing historical records to guide us, inform us and teach us. The Bible is such a historical document that not only has historical accounts, so that we "will not follow in their footsteps" but also and more important, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to convert us and make us lovers of God. If there is anyone or any statement that contradicts or excuses anything in the Bible – that one should be reproved, and if by two or three he/she does not repent "then let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican" (Matthew 18:15; 2 Thess 3:15).

The bible, contrary to Carter’s views, must be interpreted rigidly and according to Carter, “that makes you ultimately into a fundamentalist.”

I am a fundamentalist, then and an ‘old time’ religionist.

Conclusion: this is a reprehensible work that only helps the ‘love of many to grow cold’ and the heaping up of itching ears.

;<;; Maran-atha


5 responses to “Jimmy Carter’s new work – NIV Bible

  1. Thomas McAuley March 21, 2012 at 14:04

    “and i haven’t even read it.”

    As you saw yourself, with your “how dare you” head-off tactic, you have no authority to critique any work you have not read.

    No one says you have to read something you suspect will be offensive to you, but you forego your right to be a trusted authority on a topic if you simply opt out of the discussion before listening or reading what you’re criticizing. Either read it and comment or don’t read it and keep your comments to what they are, limited to the tiny amount you actually KNOW which sounds like no more than second-hand knowledge or a snippet your read on the book’s sleeve.

    Ironically, it’s probably just this sort of head-in-the-sand certainty that you are displaying in your reckless post that has cheated you out of a full view of the world around you. Grow. Your views will hold if they are well-founded and they will change, even slightly, if you learn a slightly different perspective. As it is now, you’re only sticking to your present beliefs with the strong suspicion that you will find new knowledge distasteful or damaging.

    Bottom line is what you know about something should mirror the amount you comment about it.

    • ruach34 March 21, 2012 at 14:13

      And so, I fall into the same category as Jimmy Carter, who himself has not read the Bible so how can he be editor of one much less speak for it or express opinion or authority on it? Hmmm?

  2. lylesorrell March 21, 2012 at 15:24

    You Obviously Don’t know Much about Jimmy Carter Sir. He reads the bible every night with his wife and has done so for the past 30 years or more. I suggest doing a little research before you blog on something you obvsiously know nothing about. I blogged about this very issue, but did my research before hand, If your intersted you can view my blog: lylesorrellministries.wordpres​s.com

    • ruach34 March 21, 2012 at 16:24

      Sir, I know very little about Jimmy Carter.

      What he has affirmed by verbal interview has spoken volumes, though and by it I am able to say with strong conviction he doesn’t know the bible. He might have read it but he hasn’t READ it, nor has the bible read him. I can also say with assurance that he doesn’t believe it. Rather, he sides with the liberal, post modernists that say we have evolved past trusting in olde documents: our information and knowledge today transcends anything we can learn from the past.

      • lylesorrell March 21, 2012 at 16:30

        I am a Minister of The Gospel Myself and i happen to agree and applaud what Mr. Carter Recently said. Ive read the bible as has he and believe what is says.

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