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The Day Men Stood

There are many instances of men in the Bible doing the right thing, standing where God is – standing where God is working. On an aside, that is the responsibility of the contemporary church: to discern where God is working and go there: to apply doctrine right at the core of culture: to see where the devil is crossing the path of the gospel and strike! No time here to explain of Joshua, Gideon, Phineas and many others – they knew God and saw that His word mattered and did not shrink back from declaring His full counsel.

Well…on June 02, five souls from Missouri drove down and joined five from Arkansas to stand and obey our God at the gates of hell and “expose the wicked deeds of darkness.”

Though we did not see thundering and flashings from an incensed Sovereign against the atrocities committed in the land – we were present at His command to intercede for those being led to the slaughter and convene church – we did see the breath of His unity and favor upon us. Through weak, inexperienced, faulty and sinful flesh, God manifested His Sovereignty and Grace – He still reigns. Though this world destroys itself by sin and corruption, we can still say “Jesus is Lord.” Let us say to the heathen, “The Lord Reigns!” When men STAND and declare these things, we STAND with God.


Though this world destroys itself by sin and corruption, we can still say “Jesus is Lord.” Let us say to the heathen, “The Lord Reigns!” When men STAND and declare these things, we STAND with God.

Several burning issues in our nation today deserve our focus: homosexuality and the fight for rights based on sexual orientation; the abortion abomination; Islam and its intrinsic evil, and many other such evils. I mourn and can easily complain of our nation’s rejection of the One True God and the Christian values we had at inception and blame corrupt leaders. The blame is indeed partially theirs – “for he is the minister of God to take vengeance on him that doeth evil.” But more so the blame lands center place in the confessing church. I am not addressing here whether they are the True church or not. What is the bigger issue, in this day and time, the church confesses to be such.

Indeed God Himself is the greatest and only preservative for evil. This nation has kicked God out of everything because the churches have done it. The church knows little of a Living Lord and a personal devil. The church at large now operates without the presence of God and “loves to have it so.” The majority do not know a faith that works or of a faith that gets involved and that will invade – the Great Commission – the devils territory. They are no more a hindrance (light) to evil than a steamy pile of vomit can keep a dog at bay. The church at large is no more a preservative (salt) for righteousness than a sieve can hold water. “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God?” Time to draw a line and choose you this day whom you will serve. We need men, such as those that stood together last Saturday, more so like Elijah, to call all the priests of Baal to the mountain top and have a come-to-Jesus-meeting…

<; Mara-natha!


2 responses to “The Day Men Stood

  1. ruach34 June 9, 2012 at 01:42

    Reblogged this on Operation Save America – AR.

  2. christisourvictory June 27, 2012 at 02:20

    Keep doing the done.

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