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The Fatal error of homosexuality

AFTAH hit it square on the head in its letter to Ernst and Young CEO, Jim Turley who is pushing the wicked agenda of radical sodomy on the Boy Scout Organization. According to Peter LaBarbera, the Boy Scouts have issued a resolution stating, "Contrary to media reports, the Boy Scouts of America has no plans to change its membership policy…"

Here is a portion of the letter that Peter wrote to Ernst and Young:

You err in assuming that homosexuality is mainly a “civil rights” issue; it is actually a matter of changeable, unhealthy, volitional behavior — and a contentious moral issue. Most parents simply would not be comfortable with the idea of ”modeling” that unnatural behavior to their sons through Scouting activities. (It should go without saying that it is not “bigotry” but rather common sense for parents to be wary of sending their sons on camping trips with adult homosexual men.)

To which i say, Amen!

The fact remains that putting aside immoral behavior and sexual immorality is God-honoring and, at the same time, not salvation. As Charles Spurgeon said, "Morality will keep you out of jail – but only the blood of Jesus will keep you out of Hell!" It remains for all good moral standing citizens, immoral, jail bound sinners, that Hell will be your eternal resting place. The blood of Jesus is the only preservative from Hell. Now, knowing that fact alone, in that many words, is not salvation either. You must be born again! You must be Heaven born and have the life of God in the soul to not only stay out of Hell but be saved to Heaven.

Flee from the wrath of God that has already damned your soul to hell (Romans 3:19) and Lay hold (1 Timothy 6:12) on the Mercy of God through Jesus’ blood.


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