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Jesse Boyd testimony

Here is what was going on in NC during July 4th Independence day celebrations. We are not truly free here in the US. When Freedom Preachers get locked away on Independence day

“Friends, thanks for all your prayers. I am out of Onslow County Jail after being charged with disorderly conduct and being forced to post a $500 bond. I am still unsure exactly what happened other than the police were harassing Ricky about using amplification; he turned it off; and then we were trying to figure out what the law was and how it was being broken. The officers, including the local chief of police, were extremely hostile and rude and then threatened Ricky with arrest if he turned the amplification back on. At the time, we were not preaching or anything because fireworks were going off, only standing around and conversing with some local believers we met. Anyway, as the officers walked off, I attempted to again ask what law we were breaking. They refused to answer, so I said: “You cannot just threaten us and then walk off like that without telling us how we are breaking the law. This is the USA, not the USSR. I respect the office of a policeman, but what you guys are doing is wrong. Shame on you; you need to repent.” Immediately, they turned around, slapped me in cuffs, and then hauled me off to county jail, it’s as simple as that. Then later, the chief of police tried to knock the phone out of Ricky’s hand as it was recording, and the video evidence was somehow deleted. Thankfully, there are a couple of local witnesses who were outraged, including one woman who was loudly screaming at the officers to repent. So, like in Hickory several years ago, I was not actually preaching, I was not actually using a speaker, but I was arrested. Geesh. Not sure what to do from here. We need to put some pressure on the police department of this podunk town and the county DA’s office to drop the charges. I’ll get the contact information tomorrow. The charges are outrageous and actually accuse me of threatening the officers with violence, calling them communists (didn’t know that was a crime even though I never said this), and refusing to turn off the speaker while continuing to speak through it (even though I never had a the speaker or preached through it in that park). Some police are so wicked. Anyway, I don’t think groups like Alliance Defense Fund or Rutherford help in criminal cases, so unsure about what to do, going to have to find an attorney. Please pray for us. Unbelievable: 13 months in Communist, Muslim, and various other countries without freedoms, and only in America on Independence Day do I get arrested and charged with some bogus charges over preaching the Gospel. Sheer profundity. And on top of all this, this is supposed to be our vacation.”


Richard C. Hagen


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