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URGENT: Brother in Christ requests help

Friends, below is communication from Jesse Boyd, a Freedom Preacher, if you get what I mean, who was arrested July 4th evening by rogue police for preaching the offensive gospel of repentance. Please do as you can and feel necessary:
Dear brethren, I want to thank you for all the emails and phone calls to the Holly Ridge Police Department and the Onslow County District Attorney’s office yesterday. Today is Friday, the week’s last business day, and I sincerely believe that the pressure to drop all charges needs to be amped up before the weekend. Personally, I believe that phone calls carry the most weight and add the most pressure. Please consider calling the following numbers listed below, demanding that the disorderly conduct charges against me for using the word "repent" be dropped:

City Councilman Joseph Edwards: (910) 329-1939
City Councilwoman Carolyn Stanley: (910) 329-1179
Bettie Gurganus (this woman is also clerk of court for some reason): (910) 347-2232
City Councilman Gregory Hines: (910) 329-8261
City Councilman Jerry Wright: (910) 392-3180
Mayor Elmer Padgett: (910) 329-5951
Councilwoman Anita Dingler’s phone number is apparently unlisted, but her email address is dinglerchics

Also, District Attorney Ernie Lee, whose office will decide whether to pursue prosecution, may be reached at 910-478-3699 and via email at ernest.r.lee.

Please, let’s flood the lines today. Get this message and this story out to as many of your Facebook friends and email contacts as possible. This is the greatest strength we as Christians wield in these dark days when our freedoms are being trampled. If the homosexuals, pro-abortionists, communists, environmentalist whackos, and Occupy dissenters can be heard through such means, so can Bible-believing Christians.

If any of the above contacts request video footage, feel free to point them to the following links:

(arrest footage)
(preaching just prior to arrest)
(the true irony of this arrest)

Here is the contact information for the local Jacksonville Daily News. I believe the media needs to hear about this.

Tel: 910-219-8409
Email: jdnletters (letters to the editor)

Your efforts are a true blessing and an encouragement. A brother warned me several months ago that I would preach all the way around the world without problems from police only to be arrested shortly after I returned home. Hey, it surely came to pass. Nonetheless, I believe the Lord will use it for His glory.

For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ,

Jesse Boyd




2 responses to “URGENT: Brother in Christ requests help

  1. Jennifer July 30, 2012 at 15:11

    Your pathetic, the cops the job they are supposed to do. You disturbed the peace. People came out to view fireworks not listen to you on your megaphone. You make people wan’t to run away from Churches and God, not go to them.

  2. Amber July 30, 2012 at 15:19

    Wow could it be more obvious that you wanted them to arrest you. You wanted to prove a point but you did it in a really stupid way. You must like being in the public eye and getting attention in the wrong ways. You no better than the people protesting on the streets for pot to become legal. I saw you that night and you messed up a peaceful family night for many people. We came as a family to enjoy the fireworks, not have a loud speaker distracting us. Many people in Holly ridge I am sure need to know about God but what you did was not getting your point across at all. Trying the Cops to see if they will arrest you for your own glory is not the way to go about things.

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