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A Presidential Candidate contacted little ‘ol me! (part 1)

Presidential Candidate 2012

I wrote this to Presidential Candidate, Tom Hoefling at 11:25 am on 23 Oct 2012:


So pleased to met you online and to find out that your are my choice for President for 2012. Somewhat unfortunately, this is late in the game and am wondering what to do now?

I live in Arkansas and according to your website, this state does not allow a write-in your name. Seemingly, I do not understand what this means and am writing to get more clarification on what i can do here.

Also, wanted to get your take on that cliche that states, “don’t waste your vote by write-in candidates.” Of course, that is the common understanding – that DNC and RNC candidates have significant traction – but can’t we pray and strive for an historical landslide, as you website infers? Your website gives a brief plan on how to ensure this “historical landslide” by one million patriots fulfiling the simple task you suggest. Can you elaborate more on that, taking into consideration how our vote effects the Electoral College. Take into consideration that I would like to use your response in my blog and send out to folks around the nation.

(listening now to your online interview with catholic revolver)


I got a response on 12:57 on 23 October, 2012

Click to read Tom Hoefling’s response…



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