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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The squeeze of normal days

In the squeeze of these apparent ‘normal’ days, when the times do not dramatically or forcefully call for a witness, what comes out? There is definitely a squeeze on everybody and this squeeze makes wine or sewage. And, everyone most likely thinks that in that future and important day, when corralled onto buses or forced into formation and called on to step forward – all you filthy christians – that the feet will automatically step forward and brave the onslaught, the assault. But not so, ye professing Christ follower. The Christ follower in these ‘normal’ days toes the line and lays it all down unto death. For if we find ourselves quiet, comfortably fed and complacently drunk (not with wine) today, when the WOE-be-gone days come, and they are upon us, we will remain just as we were.

Its not the times that make the man – the times or the age merely reveals the stuff of men. It is the testing pot, the refining cauldron and the reviewer of men – by God’s design.

Yield to God in the closet until He manifestly comes. Then rise, yield yourself to the age and die to wash the feet of the ungodly by the glorious news of the risen, ascended and reigning Lord, Omnipotent!



The Way to Pentecost

When our fathers glowed with fires kindled in the soul, they gave vent in noise. The modern way is to be still. Spirituality and silence are as wedded as were revivalism and rowdiness. Both types are emotional, but revivalists did believe their work was of the Spirit; the Quietists cultivate psychological influence. They speak of the Spirit with a different content from that of the Creeds.


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