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Valentine’s Day

We had a lovely weekend up at Petit Jean National Park. A real cool place. The best time was the walk through forest and streams to the great Waterfall at the end. We sat around and was quiet before the Lord, just enjoying the great works of His hand. O, the beauty of His creation echos His beauty, magnificence and Glory.

My wife continues to amaze me; her love of life and zeal for the Lord. How does one remain consistent as she does?

My dear friends, as the day wanes keep your eyes on the Lord. This is such a burdened word, heavy in consequence and heavy in blessing. Yet, it is such a simple word. The whole of the Christian life is a looking away from self and a looking unto Jesus. That simple yet it takes us a lifetime to get anywhere. I am now seven years in the Lord and feel I have yet to take my first step. My how time flies and I look back at the few years behind me and see a history with God. Struggle amidst the blessing all mixed in together and cannot distinguish the blessing from the anguish. O, How lovely is the Lord. How perfect His peace, His mercy, His understanding.

Keep your eyes on Him; earnestly seek Him all the days of your life.


for my wife

i believe i honor God by honoring you. It was His design, His plan to put us together and make us one. In light of that truth i stumble in loving you, i fall in making that love seen and in honoring you.


i’m not sure, but it is my intent to be deliberate with loving you…we are in it for ever…

Will you have me that long?

Often i hide behind the deep seeking of God and my pursuits after Him so as not to be vulnerable and real with you. Yet, could it be said that i find God in those that love me, and in those i love?

What am i afraid of?

O, to love you more, rightly and on purpose. Bits and pieces, like a puzzle, are coming together to reveal the real picture.
O, for the vision of that picture and the purity of true love unbridled by past mistakes and the muzzles of bad memories that do not include you.
One day, my love, we will know each other in true purity, true love. As we cast our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, we will be truly one as He is one.

So, in the meantime, we have the blessed trials of normal days to love each other and to reflect His true love in us.

O, for more of it to show…

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