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The business of Pastors (Oops, I mean ALL Christians)

Whitefield once wrote:

I was honored today with having a few stones, dirt, rotten eggs and pieces of dead cats thrown at me.

-George Whitefield, a famous preacher who preached over 18,000 sermons between 1736-1770

In fact, John Wesley told his disciples that persecution was a mark of success: He would teach them, train them, then send them out. When they came back he would ask them two questions:

Did anyone get saved?

If they answered yes, he would keep them in his ministry. If they answered no, he would ask them another question:

Did anyone get mad?

If they answered no he would tell them,

You are not called to the ministry!

And Charles Spurgeon, called the Prince of Preachers, said this:

To be laughed at is no great hardship to me. I can delight in scoffs and jeers. Caricatures, lampoons, and slanders are my glory. But that you should turn from your own mercy, this is my sorrow. Spit on me, but, oh, repent! Laugh at me, but, oh, believe in my Master! Make my body as the dirt of the streets, but damn not your own souls!

Let the love of Jesus constrain you to go out into the highways and hedges to compel poor sinners to come in. Some may say, ‘This is not proceeding with a zeal according to knowledge;’ but I am persuded, when the power of religion revives, the gospel must be propagated in the same manner as it was first established, by itinerant preaching.

Go, dear sir, go and follow your glorious Master without the camp, bearing His reproach. Never fear the scourge of the tongue, ot the threatenings that are daily breathed out against the Lord, and against His Christ. Suffer we must. Ere long perhaps, we may sing in prison, and have our feet in stocks; but faith in Jesus turns a prison into a palace, and makes a bed of flames become a bed of down. Let us be faithful today, and our Lord will support us tomorrow.

George Whitefield (1749-1769) wrote

I love those that thunder out the Word. The Christian World is in a dead sleep. Nothing but a loud voice can awaken them out of it.

Chinese translation of the above:




“去吧,亲爱的主席先生,在营中去,并按照你的光荣的主人,他的责备。不要害怕舌头的祸害,OT每天呼吸对主,对他的基督的threatenings。受苦,我们必须。 ,不久或许,我们可能会在监狱里唱,在我们脚下的股票,但在耶稣的信仰变成一座宫殿的一座监狱,并使得火焰床成为床上下来。让我们忠实的今天,我们的主会支持我们的明天。“

“我爱那些风头出单词,说:”乔治Whitefield的。 “基督教世界是一个死的睡眠。它不过是一个响亮的声音能唤醒他们。“


The True Christian is a warrior

“If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battlefield besides, is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.” – Martin Luther


(This letter was written in 1600’s in a very clear language.  I find it to be ‘relevant’ for us Americans at large today)

Ruins of the William Penn Hotel


How long shall the Spirit of the Lord strive with you, O ye careless and unfaithful who are convinced of the truth of God and come to meetings, confess to the testimony and profess it in the world and are yet unsanctified and unregenerated and so have no part nor lot in the blessed word of life eternal. What can ye hope for from the hand of the Lord at the hour of your death and day of your judgment? Will not God remember unto you the day of your visitation his strivings his waitings his long suffering; how often he would have gathered you that ye might have inherited substance. Awake, awake ye sensual, ye earthly minded professors of the truth, that Christ Jesus may give you life.  For I may say with the apostle and that weeping too, there are too many unworthy of the great favour and mercy of God, who under all their pretences to religion walk in the way of those whose god is their belly, who glory in their shame and who mind earthly things pursuing uncertain riches and trusting in their store; if redeemed from scandalous things, yet abounding too much in more hidden evils – envy, covetousness, high mindedness, meddling in other folks matters, out of the watch, out of the cross that crucifies the flesh and delivers the spirit to serve God in the newness of life. O, knowing the terrors of the Lord, let me persuade you while it is today to hear his voice, his living word that cleanseth the young man’s way; and believe in the light whilst ye have the light, that ye also maybe the children of light in which the nations of them that are saved must walk; lest it pass away from you and the night overtake you in which the works of peace cannot be wrought. O friends, your doom will be the most dismal, and your end the most horrible of all others that are called, and would not do it. Will not he make such Jews of the synagogue of Satan, who are not Jews inward, neither your circumcision that of the heart.

Be assured that in the day of his winnowing, ye shall go to the chaff, and the wind of his fury shall drive you from the joy of his presence for ever. Therefore receive my counsel in the love of God, be faithful to his truth, wait and watch in it that ye may be delivered in the hour of temptation. It will try your limit, your desires, bound your affections, it will make you humble so God will teach you and so will He guide you in judgment and clothe you with salvation. I have a trouble upon my soul and my spirit is pained for you. I would have nothing lost but the son of perdition. I would have you all gathered and nothing cast away that is called of God. I would have all come to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus and be saved. This I send you as a farewell to you in the name and power of the God of my salvation and in so doing am clear of you all.

Your true friend,


Posted in The Friend, Twelfth month, 1, 1827, pg. 54 as found here digitized by google

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