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“Shall I hide what I am about to do?”

Boy Scouts and sodomy http://ow.ly/1WCGvI

Machetes and muslims in London http://ow.ly/lkixq http://ow.ly/lkqLp

Mile wide Tornado in Oklahoma http://ow.ly/lkiDS

1-Star General suspended from command at Fort Jackson for misconduct http://ow.ly/lkiNe

First homosexual ceremony, called a ‘wedding’ on army base http://ow.ly/lkiSC

Troops march in uniform http://ow.ly/lkiY1

Violent crime rates up by 18% and property crimes up 11% http://ow.ly/lkj3j

The Alarming thing is that the answer across the nation, when asked why this is happening, say "we don’t know why." As if they are dumbfounded. Or, they defer to statistical variances, scientific nuances or process flaws, such as Hagel, Defense Secretary did.

The answer from the Scriptures and Holy God: They are eating the fruit or their own way and are being filled with their own devices. (Proverbs 1:31).


"Let God be Magnified!" (Ps 70:4)



I had heard of this book from online social networks and blogs and knew of its merits by title alone, so I jumped at the chance to read and provide an evaluation of it.

At first glance the title CONVERT is catchy. Much like the same way Nicodemus was caught off guard so the casual glance does not suffice: it demands an answer and a reader.

Mr. Ramos is a conversational writer, almost as if he is street preaching. This lends to easy understanding and a spatial flow of ideas by the author. The ideas are not profound, per se, which is not to say the book is simplistic. Rather the flow of the book is basic theology of the new birth and the results thereafter, which in my estimation has been lost to the contemporary culture. I almost felt, by reading, that I was Nicodemus receiving instruction by the Master.

Ramos clearly understands the contemporary loss of this basic and fundamental doctrine of Christ and the crucial need of its revival. He writes with strong scriptural support splashed with a quote here and there from leading theologians for emphasis. This is an excellent approach neither detracting from the authority of Gods Word nor dismissing the importance of men who think deeply upon God.

In nine brief chapters, the author lays out the new birth and conversion very well:

Chapter One: In Adam all die
Chapter Two: In Christ all will be made alive
Chapter Three: The New Man
Chapter Four: The New Birth
Chapter Five: The Mind of the New Man
Chapter Six: The Mission of the New Man
Chapter Seven: The World of the New Man
Chapter Eight: The Church and the New Man
Chapter Nine: An Explanation of the Great Commission

The reader can readily see that the author’s primary source was the Bible, Gods Word. I stopped counting scripture references at page 43 and my count was already over 100. Through out the 176 page book secondary sources were used but only sparingly having counted only 33 references or footnotes. But even those quotes and supporting statements were from the giants in the faith – so no space is wasted. In other words, with Gods Word being marginalized in this modern, wicked world, Ramos leans into the Word heavily; this appears to suggest there is no other hope for the reader because Ramos counts nothing more dear.

The value for this work is clear. And being in good company with Ray Comfort, who gives the Forward, Todd Friel and Peter Hammond along with others giving endorsement, I also give mine. This book is the old message of Christ revived and needs not only be read but preached from the rooftops. It’s almost as if Ramos wrote this for use on the street, in the pulpit or anywhere in the highways and byways to bid all to come in.


The Fatal error of homosexuality

AFTAH hit it square on the head in its letter to Ernst and Young CEO, Jim Turley who is pushing the wicked agenda of radical sodomy on the Boy Scout Organization. According to Peter LaBarbera, the Boy Scouts have issued a resolution stating, "Contrary to media reports, the Boy Scouts of America has no plans to change its membership policy…"

Here is a portion of the letter that Peter wrote to Ernst and Young:

You err in assuming that homosexuality is mainly a “civil rights” issue; it is actually a matter of changeable, unhealthy, volitional behavior — and a contentious moral issue. Most parents simply would not be comfortable with the idea of ”modeling” that unnatural behavior to their sons through Scouting activities. (It should go without saying that it is not “bigotry” but rather common sense for parents to be wary of sending their sons on camping trips with adult homosexual men.)

To which i say, Amen!

The fact remains that putting aside immoral behavior and sexual immorality is God-honoring and, at the same time, not salvation. As Charles Spurgeon said, "Morality will keep you out of jail – but only the blood of Jesus will keep you out of Hell!" It remains for all good moral standing citizens, immoral, jail bound sinners, that Hell will be your eternal resting place. The blood of Jesus is the only preservative from Hell. Now, knowing that fact alone, in that many words, is not salvation either. You must be born again! You must be Heaven born and have the life of God in the soul to not only stay out of Hell but be saved to Heaven.

Flee from the wrath of God that has already damned your soul to hell (Romans 3:19) and Lay hold (1 Timothy 6:12) on the Mercy of God through Jesus’ blood.


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