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“Shall I hide what I am about to do?”

Boy Scouts and sodomy http://ow.ly/1WCGvI

Machetes and muslims in London http://ow.ly/lkixq http://ow.ly/lkqLp

Mile wide Tornado in Oklahoma http://ow.ly/lkiDS

1-Star General suspended from command at Fort Jackson for misconduct http://ow.ly/lkiNe

First homosexual ceremony, called a ‘wedding’ on army base http://ow.ly/lkiSC

Troops march in uniform http://ow.ly/lkiY1

Violent crime rates up by 18% and property crimes up 11% http://ow.ly/lkj3j

The Alarming thing is that the answer across the nation, when asked why this is happening, say "we don’t know why." As if they are dumbfounded. Or, they defer to statistical variances, scientific nuances or process flaws, such as Hagel, Defense Secretary did.

The answer from the Scriptures and Holy God: They are eating the fruit or their own way and are being filled with their own devices. (Proverbs 1:31).


"Let God be Magnified!" (Ps 70:4)


The fire that burns for an hour

At the verge of standing at the burning stake, Polycarp, in his eighties says, “You threaten the fire that burns for an hour and then is quenched; but you know not of the fire of the judgment to come, and the fire of eternal punishment.”

All the good in Jesus dwells

Paul writes in Romans 7:18 that “nothing good dwells in me”(NASB) but Ephesians 2 speaks about the good we are to do, that God prepared beforehand. What gives? How is anyone
to do good if there is nothing good in us?

Good question!

Jesus is our good, period. Apart from him we can do nothing. In fact, it is Christ in us the hope of glory! God has sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might live through Him (1John 4:9).

It is not enough to profess Christ, we must possess Christ!


Till His return…

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